Take Control of Wi-Fi Networking and Security

Take Control of Wi-Fi Networking and Security

Take Control of Wi-Fi Networking and Security

Wi-Fi is nearing two decades old. It’s much easier to set up and use than in the past, but the intricacies of creating a robust home or small-office network that has solid and fast coverage everywhere you want it can remain a struggle.

This book is designed to offer guidance at every step of the way, and reduce your frustration with the terminology and arcana required to make decisions.

Because we all now use many different kinds of equipment on a modern Wi-Fi networks, I provide detailed, illustrated advice on connecting and configuring hardware running macOS, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and ChromeOS to work with various Wi-Fi features. After surveying popular Wi-Fi gateways, I provide advice compatible with nearly all hardware on the market.

If you’re trying to understand the difference between standard Wi-Fi networks and new mesh wireless networks, I go into great detail, and help you decide which may serve you better. I also provide information on how to plan a network and locate the Wi-Fi network devices that provide service to your various connected equipped, from computers to game systems to sous vide cookers.

This book will also help you set up and use personal hotspots, add printers and use networked drives, manage wireless security, and make sure your own data is secured when you use Wi-Fi on your own or other networks.


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The All In One Computer Programming Bible

The All In One Computer Programming Bible

Do you want to learn and start programming within 24 hours?

Learning to write computer programs can be fun if you take up the right approach, and this is the objective of this book. This book provides a simple, easy-to-follow, and practically sound approach to computer programming.

These are topics many programming guides don’t cover, as they are assumed to be general knowledge to most developers. That is why this guide has been created. It is the ultimate primer to all programming languages.

Learn how to code step by step.

This book teaches computational and algorithmic thinking by taking very seriously one thing for granted – that the listener knows absolutely nothing about computer programming!

However, a word of advice for new learners is that you must listen to the book a couple of times to get a better understanding of the subject. This will help you transition from a novice to expert. The first time will help you form a foundation, which can be solidified by listening to it a second time. 

Inside you will discover:

  • The C++ programming language
  • The C# programming language
  • The Python programming language
  • Working with the Java coding language
  • How to be completely anonymous online like the pros
  • How to keep yourself safe from being hacked
  • Which tools the hackers use to crack passwords
  • How you can use multiple tools to gather information with wireless hacking
  • How to hack something or someone? (Laying down important ground rules)
  • The most dangerous cyber security threats in 2018 – An in-depth look
  • Advance hacking tips – The things to consider
  • Raspberry Pi 3 – Model B hardware specifications
  • Configuring Raspberry Pi
  • Programming in Raspberry Pi
  • Python programing: Working with loops in Python


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The Basics of Information Security

The Basics of Information Security

As part of the Syngress Basics series, The Basics of Information Security provides you with fundamental knowledge of information security in both theoretical and practical aspects.

Author Jason Andress gives you the basic knowledge needed to understand the key concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and then dives into practical applications of these ideas in the areas of operational, physical, network, application, and operating system security.

The Basics of Information Security gives you clear-non-technical explanations of how infosec works and how to apply these principles whether you’re in the IT field or want to understand how it affects your career and business. The new Second Edition has been updated for the latest trends and threats, including new material on many infosec subjects.

  • Learn about information security without wading through a huge textbook
  • Covers both theoretical and practical aspects of information security
  • Provides a broad view of the information security field in a concise manner
  • All-new Second Edition updated for the latest information security trends and threats, including material on incident response, social engineering, security awareness, risk management, and legal/regulatory issues


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The Python Journeyman

The Python Journeyman

The Python Journeyman is the second book in our trilogy covering the core Python language. The material in these books is derived from Sixty North’s popular and battle-tested training courses which have led thousands of programmers on a journey to being productive with Python.

Our books, which use Python 3, follow a spiral curriculum: We introduce topics gently and then revisit them on multiple occasions to add the depth required to support your progression as a Python developer. We’ve worked hard to structure the syllabus to avoid forward references. On only a few occasions do we require you to accept techniques on trust, before explaining them later; where we do, it’s to deliberately establish good habits.

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Web Scraping with Python Collecting More Data from the Modern Web

Web Scraping with Python Collecting More Data from the Modern Web

If programming is magic then web scraping is surely a form of wizardry. By writing a simple automated program, you can query web servers, request data, and parse it to extract the information you need.

The expanded edition of this practical book not only introduces you web scraping, but also serves as a comprehensive guide to scraping almost every type of data from the modern web.

Part I focuses on web scraping mechanics: using Python to request information from a web server, performing basic handling of the server’s response, and interacting with sites in an automated fashion. Part II explores a variety of more specific tools and applications to fit any web scraping scenario you’re likely to encounter.

  • Parse complicated HTML pages
  • Develop crawlers with the Scrapy framework
  • Learn methods to store data you scrape
  • Read and extract data from documents
  • Clean and normalize badly formatted data
  • Read and write natural languages
  • Crawl through forms and logins
  • Scrape JavaScript and crawl through APIs
  • Use and write image-to-text software
  • Avoid scraping traps and bot blockers
  • Use scrapers to test your website

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Writing Native Mobile Apps in a Functional Language Succinctly

Writing Native Mobile Apps in a Functional Language Succinctly


In Implementing a Custom Language Succinctly, Succinctly series author Vassili Kaplan demonstrated how to create a customized programming language. Now, he returns to showcase how you can use that language to build fully functional mobile apps. In Writing Native Mobile Apps in a Functional Language Succinctly, you will build off the skills you’ve already developed to begin creating applications that you can put to immediate use.



Project Structure and Design

Placing Widgets on the Screen

Creating Custom Widgets

Adding Syncfusion Controls

Adding PDF, Word, and Excel Functionality from Syncfusion to CSCS

Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition in CSCS

In-App Purchases in CSCS

Adding Mobile Advertising and Advanced Topics


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Website Scraping with Python

Website Scraping with Python

Closely examine website scraping and data processing: the technique of extracting data from websites in a format suitable for further analysis. You’ll review which tools to use, and compare their features and efficiency.

Focusing on BeautifulSoup4 and Scrapy, this concise, focused book highlights common problems and suggests solutions that readers can implement on their own.

Website Scraping with Python starts by introducing and installing the scraping tools and explaining the features of the full application that readers will build throughout the book. You’ll see how to use BeautifulSoup4 and Scrapy individually or together to achieve the desired results. Because many sites use JavaScript, you’ll also employ Selenium with a browser emulator to render these sites and make them ready for scraping.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a complete scraping application to use and rewrite to suit your needs. As a bonus, the author shows you options of how to deploy your spiders into the Cloud to leverage your computer from long-running scraping tasks.

What You’ll Learn

Install and implement scraping tools individually and together

Run spiders to crawl websites for data from the cloud

Work with emulators and drivers to extract data from scripted sites

Who This Book Is For
Readers with some previous Python and software development experience, and an interest in website scraping.


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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures: Linux, Macintosh and Mobile Systems

Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures: Linux, Macintosh and Mobile Systems

مجموعه ی Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures از پنج کتاب تشکیل شده است که مباحث مربوط به امنیت شبکه، هک قانونمند و حفاظت از شبکه و اقدامات متقابل را پوشش می دهند. محتوای این مجموعه به گونه ای طراحی شده که خواننده را در یک محیط تعاملی فرو می برد و در آن چگونگی اسکن، تست، هک و سیستم های اطلاعاتی امن نشان داده خواهد شد.

با این مجموعه کتابها خواننده دانش لازم را کسب خواهد کرد و تجربه ی عملی با سیستم های امن اساسی حاصل می شود و برای موفقیت در آزمون Certified Ethical Hacker یا C|EH آماده می شود.

با بدست آوردن درک کامل از نحوه ی عمل هکرها، یک هکر قانونمند قادر به راه اندازی اقدامات متقابل قوی و سیستم های دفاعی برای حفاظت از زیرساخت های حیاتی سازمان و اطلاعات خواهد بود.

سرفصل ها:

Chapter1: Linux Hacking
Chapter2: Macintosh Hacking
Chapter3: Hacking Routers, Cable Modems, and Firewalls
Chapter4: Hacking Mobile Phones, PDAs and Handheld Devices
Chapter5: Bluetooth Hacking
Chapter6: RFID Hacking
Chapter7: Hacking USB Devices



نویسنده: EC-Council

ناشر: Cengage Learning

سال نشر: ۲۰۰۹

تعداد صفحات: ۱۸۶


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Hacking For Dummies

Hacking For Dummies

welcome to Hacking For Dummies, 5th Edition

This book outlines in plain English computer hacker tricks and techniques that you can use to assess the security of your information systems, find the vulnerabilities that matter, and fix the weaknesses before criminal hackers and malicious insiders take advantage of them This hacking is the professionala boveboard, and legal type of security testing which I often refer to as ethical hacking throughout the book,

سرفصل ها:

Part I: Building the Foundation for Security Testing

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Chapter 2: Cracking the Hacker Mindset

Chapter 3: Developing Your Ethical Hacking Plan

Chapter 4: Hacking Methodology

Part II: Putting Security Testing in Motion

Chapter 5: Information Gathering

Chapter 6: Social Engineering

Chapter 7: Physical Security

Chapter 8: Passwords

Part III: Hacking Network Hosts

Chapter 9: Network Infrastructure Systems

Chapter 10: Wireless Networks

Chapter 11: Mobile Devices

Part IV: Hacking Operating Systems

Chapter 12: Windows

Chapter 13: Linux

Part V: Hacking Applications

Chapter 14: Communication and Messaging Systems

Chapter 15: Web Applications and Mobile Apps

Chapter 16: Databases and Storage Systems

Part VI: Security Testing Aftermath

Chapter 17: Reporting Your Results

Chapter 18: Plugging Security Holes

Chapter 19: Managing Security Processes

Part VII: The Part of Tens

Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Getting Security Buy-In

Chapter 21: Ten Reasons Hacking Is the Only Effective Way to Test

Chapter 22: Ten Deadly Mistakes


نویسنده:Kevin Beaver

ناشر:John Wiley & Sons

سال نشر:۲۰۱۷

تعداد صفحات:۴۱۰


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Security of Self-Organizing Networks MANET, WSN, WMN, VANET

در این کتاب با امنیت شبکه های بی سیم ادهاک آشنا می شوید . موضوعات ارائه شده توسط کتاب به ۴ دسته تقسیم بندی می شوند:

Mobile Ad hoc Network MANET ad hoc-1

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)-2

Wireless Mesh Network (WMN)-3

Vehicular Ad hoc Network – VANET-4

سرفصل ها:

Chapter 1:Secure Device Association

Chapter 2:Securing Route and Path Integrity in MultihopWireless Networks

Chapter 3:Handling Security Threatsto the RFID System of EPC Networks

Chapter 4:Survey of AnomalyDetection Algorithms

Chapter 5:Reputation- and Trust-Based Systems for Wireless Self-Organizing Networks

Chapter 6:Security Threats in MobileAd Hoc Networks

Chapter 7:Key Management in MobileAd Hoc Networks

Chapter 8:Combating against SecurityAttacks against MobileAd Hoc Networks (MANETs)

Chapter 9:Classification of Attackson Wireless Mobile Ad HocNetworks and Vehicular

Chapter 10: Security in VehicularAd Hoc Networks

Chapter 11: Toward a Robust Trust Modelfor Ensuring Security andPrivacy in VANETs

Chapter 12:Sybil Attack in VANETs

Chapter 13:Key Management Schemesof Wireless Sensor Networks

Chapter 14:Key Management Techniquesfor Wireless Sensor Networks

Chapter 15:Bio-Inspired IntrusionDetection for WirelessSensor Networks

Chapter 16: Biological InspiredAutonomously SecureMechanism forWirelessSensor Network

Chapter 17:Controlled LinkEstablishment Attack on KeyPre-Distribution Schemes forDistributed Sensor Networks and Countermeasures

Chapter 18:Proactive Key VariationOwing to Dynamic Clustering (PERIODIC) in SensorNetworks

Chapter 19: Secure Routing ArchitecturesUsing Cross-LayerInformation for AttackAvoidance (with Case Studyon Wormhole Attacks)

Chapter 20:Reputation-Based TrustSystems in Wireless Sensor Networks

Chapter 21:Major Works on the Necessityand Implementationsof PKC in WSNs

Chapter 22:Secure Access Control andAuthentication in WirelessMesh Networks

Chapter 23: Misbehavior Detection inWireless Mesh Networks


نام نویسنده:  Al-Shakib Khan Pathan

ناشر:  CRC press

سال نشر: ۲۰۱۱

تعداد صفحات: ۶۱۴


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