Hacking: World Class Hacking

This book includes three different computer technology books in 1:

Hacking: Become a World Class Hacker, Hack Any Password, Program Or System With Proven Strategies and Tricks

Cyber Security: Understand Hacking and Protect Yourself and Your Organization From Ever Getting Hacked

Python Programming: Fluent In Python – Code Examples, Tips & Trick for Beginners

Hacking, puzzles, and code breaking have always been something humans have been interested in. Even if we refer back to the famous enigma during world war two or back to the clues the ancient society left us, we love to engage in code breaking one way or the other.

Today, most of that code breaking involves computers and in large extent hacking. Hacking, cyber security, and programming have become a part of every organization and company.

With all the confidential information floating around the internet, a lot of criminals get into the hacking and cyber war as well.

Learning to hack your competitor and protect yourself have become one of the most important skill to protect your business today. By doing so you can focus on serving your customers and deliver to your clients, without fear of having your computer infrastructure shoot down.

This three book bundle including all three parts that will make you a great hacker!


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