Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners

Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners

In this step-by-step guide you will learn:

How to download free datasets
What tools and machine learning libraries you need
Data scrubbing techniques, including one-hot encoding, binning and dealing with missing data
Preparing data for analysis, including k-fold Validation
Regression analysis to create trend lines
Clustering, including k-means and k-nearest Neighbors
– The basics of Neural Networks
Bias/Variance to improve your machine learning model
Decision Trees to decode classification
How to build your first Machine Learning Model to predict house values using Python

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I need programming experience to complete this e-book?
A: This e-book is designed for absolute beginners, so no programming experience is required. However, two of the later chapters introduce Python to demonstrate an actual machine learning model, so you will see programming language used in this book.

Q: I have already purchased the First Edition of Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners, should I purchase this Second Edition?
A: As many of the topics from the First Edition are covered in the Second Edition, you may be better served reading a more advanced title on machine learning.

Q: Can I loan this book to friends and family?
A: Yes. Under Amazon’s Kindle Book Lending program, you can lend this e-book to friends and family for a duration of 14 days.

Q: Does this book include everything I need to become a machine learning expert?
A: Unfortunately, no. This book is designed for readers taking their first steps in machine learning and further learning will be required beyond this book to master machine learning.


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