Take Control of Wi-Fi Networking and Security

Take Control of Wi-Fi Networking and Security

Take Control of Wi-Fi Networking and Security

Wi-Fi is nearing two decades old. It’s much easier to set up and use than in the past, but the intricacies of creating a robust home or small-office network that has solid and fast coverage everywhere you want it can remain a struggle.

This book is designed to offer guidance at every step of the way, and reduce your frustration with the terminology and arcana required to make decisions.

Because we all now use many different kinds of equipment on a modern Wi-Fi networks, I provide detailed, illustrated advice on connecting and configuring hardware running macOS, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and ChromeOS to work with various Wi-Fi features. After surveying popular Wi-Fi gateways, I provide advice compatible with nearly all hardware on the market.

If you’re trying to understand the difference between standard Wi-Fi networks and new mesh wireless networks, I go into great detail, and help you decide which may serve you better. I also provide information on how to plan a network and locate the Wi-Fi network devices that provide service to your various connected equipped, from computers to game systems to sous vide cookers.

This book will also help you set up and use personal hotspots, add printers and use networked drives, manage wireless security, and make sure your own data is secured when you use Wi-Fi on your own or other networks.


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